Value of Imaging Lecture Series 2015:

  1. Conceptual framework for valueof imaging 
  2. Introduction to Bayesian analysis
  3. Sensitivity, specificity and likelihood ratios
  4. The Gold Standard
  5. Biases with diagnostic testing 
  6. Receiver operating characteristic curve
  7. Value of a test: Exercise ECG and Calcium Scan
  8. Threshold basis of decision making: test and treatment thresholds
  9. Cost of False Negative and Cost of False Positive
  10. Assessing the accuracy of imaging in pulmonary embolism: PIOPED trials
  11. Assessing value of imaging by randomized controlled trials
  12. Assessing value of imaging by secondary databases
  13. How to develop a clinical decision rule
  14. Expected value and Quality Associated Life Years
  15. Decision analysis to explore value of imaging
  16. Utility analysis
  17. Sensitivity Analysis and Markov Models
  18. Uncertainty
  19. Information theory
  20. Expected value of perfect information
  21. Judging value of imaging by the “n”
  22. How to quantify the added value of PET
  23. Principles of Microeconomics 
  24. What’s special about economics of healthcare?
  25. Behavioral Economics and Prospect Theory
  26. Risk, uncertainty and quantification
  27. Economic theories of value
  28. Derived Demand
  29. How thresholds are derived
  30. Overdiagnosis
  31. Appropriateness and beyond - exploring the coastline of the value of imaging
  32. TEST


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Recommended Books:

The following books are recommended to establish a solid foundation. If there is a book you like which is not on the list, please let me know.