Problem Solving

This section contains questions with explanations. These will not just test the understanding of the basic principles covered in the lectures, but will also challenge visitors to higher levels of scholarship.

The Lectures

This section is conveniently arranged as a curriculum that covers the basics of the multiple disciplines including economics, behavioral and decision science, probability theory, biostatistics, decision modeling, quantitative finance and law.

Feature of the Week

Contribution from members of the imaging community interested in health services research populates this section. It may include a problem in biostatistics and probability, a discussion of a well done study in imaging, reviews of books of relevance to imagers, discussion of broader medical literature that may have an impact on the value of a certain diagnostic test; in short anything that could conceivably be of relevance to medical imaging.

Value of Imaging.com is an educational repository and a one stop shop for Economics of Diagnostic Imaging developed by grant support from the Radiological Society of North America’s Research and Education Foundation. The purpose is to introduce radiologists in training and practice, and those involved with medical imaging, to the principles fundamental in assessing the value of a diagnostic test.

Value Of Imaging

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