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The Curriculum

A series of lectures, over the next six months, will introduce basic concepts. An overview of the topic will be given through a short podcast and a written explanation. There will be a manageable reading list. When appropriate, questions for discussion will be posted. Disciplines covered will include Bayesian analysis, probability, statistics, decision theory, decision analysis, economics and information theory. There is a daunting level of quantitative methodology which can turn people away. I will explain the concepts in plain language.This series is as much about facts as it is about participation. The goal is to get people to think about how to value imaging. Readers are encouraged to participate by posting comments. Together, we will crack the code of value. 

I will post links to the lectures on Twitter @RogueRad. The material can be searched under the following hashtags: #RadValue, #RadEcon and #RadRes

Click here to access the curriculum and recommended reading.  is  an educational  platform for  the  economics of  medicalimaging. This was developed by a grant from the Radiological Society of NorthAmerica’s Research and Education Foundation. The purpose is to introduce the principles in assessing the value of a diagnostic test.

Contact :   @RogueRad ; (Please use #RadValue for questions about this lecture series.)

Value Of Imaging